Learning through Conversation is a program designed to provide you with and active learning experience, which gives you the chance to apply concepts learned in theory.

Through this book, you will learn the following: Spanish alphabet and pronunciation, verb forms and conjugations, present, past and future tense, idiomatic expressions and Spanish cognates. Practice forms and flash cards are also included.



One of the best learning methods I have come across. Speak Spanish Today is an immersive learning system that completes your level of Spanish no matter what level you have at the moment. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to take their Spanish to a whole new level.
– Sebastian Ulloa, 5 Stars, Amazon Customer

Maria’s teaching style and learning through conversation method is unique which has allowed me to finally feel that I have begun to understand and begin using Spanish. — Thus, I feel I’m finally conquering it! She encourages and challenges me to learn and become confident using Spanish. I’m sure without Maria; I would not have been able to learn Spanish.
– Nancy Ward, Back cover review



Maria Gutierrez Guerra is a writer and an educator. She is the author and editor of Speak Spanish Today. Her love for world languages started at an early age. She studied Linguistics at Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Alliance Française and Geothe Institute in La Paz, Bolivia.

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